It takes a small village to run a trial.  Here are the key personnel involved:

Name Who they are Affiliation Email
Professor Willem Kuyken Chief Investigator and Exeter Principal Investigator University of Exeter
Professor Ed Watkins Co-investigator and co-lead for process-outcome studies University of Exeter
Professor Glyn Lewis Co-investigator and Lead for Bristol site University of Bristol
Dr Sarah Byford Co-investigator and lead for economic evaluation King’s College London
Prof Tim Dalgleish Co-investigator and co-lead for process-outcome studies Medical Research Council
Prof Rod Taylor Co-investigator and Trial Statistician Peninsula Medical School – sorry don’t have this logo
Dr Richard Byng Co-investigator and Exeter trial GP Peninsula Medical School
Dr Nicola Morant Collaborator and lead for qualitative studies Anglia Ruskin University  - sorry don’t have this logo
Rev Paul Lanham Service user and Trial Collaborator
Dr David Kessler Collaborator and Bristol Trial GP University of Bristol
Alison Evans Lead for MBCT delivery, supervision of trial therapists University of Exeter
Claire Brejcha MBCT Therapist University of Exeter
Jenny Wilks MBCT Therapist University of Exeter
Dr Rachel Hayes Trial Manager University of Exeter
Matt Williams Associate Research Fellow (Based at Bristol) University of Bristol
Jon Richards Associate Research Fellow (Based at Exeter) University of Exeter
Aaron Causley Associate Research Fellow (Based at Exeter) University of Exeter
Harry Sutton Trial Administrator (Based at Exeter) University of Exeter

Data Monitoring Committee

The Data Monitoring Committee Role (DMC) is the only body involved in the trial that has access to the unblinded comparative data.  The role of its members is to monitor these data and make recommendations to the Steering Committee on whether there are any ethical or safety reasons why the trial should not continue.
Dr Paul Ewings Data Monitoring Committee (Chair) NIHR Research Design Service (South West)
Professor Andy Field Data Monitoring Committee member University of Sussex
Dr Joanna McKenzie Data Monitoring Committee member

Trial Steering Committe

The role of the TSC is to provide overall supervision for a trial on behalf of the Trial Sponsor and Trial Funder and to ensure that the trial is conducted to the rigorous standards set out in the Medical Research Council’s (MRC) Guidelines for Good Clinical Practice.
Professor Chris Leach Trial Steering Committee member (Chair) Department of Psychological Services
Calderdale Royal Hospital
Professor Glenys Parry Trial Steering Committee member The University of Sheffield
Dr Richard Moore Trial Steering Committee member Addenbrookes Hospital